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the faster, easier, AND
FAR more efficient tape measure!
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Features & Benefits

  • 3 Different Measurement Modes
  • Heavy Duty, Construction Grade
  • Measures with Precision
  • Bright LED Digital Display
  • Unit of Measurement Options
  • Order Measure King™ Today!
  • Order Measure King™ Today!
  • Order Measure King™ Today!

3 Measurement Modes:

  • String Mode
  • Roll Mode
  • Laser Mode

The Only Tape Measure You Will Ever Need!

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Ensures Accuracy With 3 Ways To Measure!

String Mode

Use traditional measuring “STRING” that is
made from FLEXIBLE NYLON that can
bend AROUND objects!

String Mode

Roll Mode

You can choose “Roll Mode” and measure curves and different
objects simply by rolling it across the surface!

Roll Mode

Laser Mode

You can measure with “Lazer” and simply measure the distance
by pointing the lazer!

Laser Mode
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